Hamilton Registration Form session 2 2019

"Shrek the musical, Jr."

Schedule TBA


pAYMENT OPTION #1: pay in full for the 5 month session = $888

PAYMENT OPTION #2: pay installments = $296

sibling discount...10% off the 2nd child's tuition, 15% off the 3rd child's tuition and a special discount for current IAA Conservatory or Repertory cast members....email Ms. Dana for info.

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( 1. ) By signing this form I hereby state that I hold harmless all members, and their assigns, of Infinity Arts Academy LLC and any other parties involved in the organization and administration of Infinity Arts Academy LLC, from any liability as a result of any injury or sickness sustained in or around the Infinity Arts Academy LLC location. ( 2. ) I grant permission for any and all photographs and videos taken at any Infinity Arts Academy LLC class, rehearsal, performance, or event to be used by Infinity Arts Academy LLC or its representatives for marketing purposes. I understand that no personal information will be associated with any photograph or video without my consent and that no compensation is offered. ( 3. ) I the signed parent and or legal guardian declare that the information and medical/behavioral details on this registration form are correct to the best of my knowledge and I hereby apply for an enrollment space at Infinity Arts Academy LLC as indicated below for my child or ward. I understand that Infinity Arts Academy LLC reserves the right to restrict admission at its own discretion. ( 4. ) I understand that all information supplied on this form will be kept strictly confidential and that Infinity Arts Academy LLC will never divulge any personal information to a third party without my consent. ( 5. ) DISCIPLINE POLICY PROCEDURE: Infinity Arts Academy uses a 3 step discipline process when handling behavior issues: (1) The child is given a firm, clear warning that the behavior is unacceptable. (2) If the behavior continues the parent s are called in to discuss the situation. (3) If after meeting with the parents the behavior continues, the child is removed from our program. I understand and agree with the Discipline Policy. ( 6. ) TARDINESS POLICY: Any parent who is more than 15 minutes late picking up their child, 3 times will be charged an After Care fee of $10 per day thereafter. I understand and agree with the Tardiness Policy.