Once again, you and your team are knocking it out of the park for these kids! Thank you for your commitment to them and for making them work hard for their fun. Our son and his buds are having a great time at IAA this summer.

- John Wannemacher


I wanted to let you know that our daughter is enjoying the camp IMMENSELY.  We are so impressed with the program - all the kids seem to be so happy when we pick them up at 4:30. I don't think she has enjoyed a summer program this much - thank you and your team for the high level of engagement with our children! Bravo!

- Kimberly Reavill


I'm just writing to let you know how impressed I was with the production, and of course, how blown away I was by our daughter's role in Beauty and the Beast. She was so poised and beautiful and happy and strong.... Plus, all the staging and singing and acting of the other kids: it was awesome. 

From my perspective on the two weeks, I am impressed by how you and the staff do not treat the kids as kids doing a kids thing, but rather as artists who are working on an artistic goal--and whom just happen to be kids. I think it's extraordinarily valuable that you treat them that way. 

She would frequently arrive home EXHAUSTED, but in a good way, from hard work. it was amazing to see her work through the challenge, both internally and externally. 

Anyway, thank you so much for you and everyone else at Infinity Arts challenging my daughter and helping her grow as a person and an artist.

- Carl Wasielewski


Miss Dana and Miss O are extremely talented individuals who enjoy working with students of every level of ability.  But what really makes this experience special is that they care passionately about the kids and each other.  They work with students to develop talent and celebrate the changes that happen along the way.  They look for opportunities to let each student shine and foster a collaborative and safe community so that everyone benefits.  Parents are encouraged to be a part of the process and are respected as partners in the journey.  My daughter has increased self confidence, stronger acting skills, a larger repertoire of dance, and improved vocal range after working with this company.

- Patty


This Film program is amazing! My son Ben has done film camps in Los Angeles and with other places, but he’s learned more in one year with Mr. Lucero at IAA, than all others put together. He’s talking about different directors, film techniques, etc. the whole ride home. He loves working on the scripts too!

- Kristen Senior


I can’t overstate how important IAA has been to our daughter’s growth! Ms. Dana and Ms. O created an environment where our shy daughter felt safe to participate at her level of comfort. They instinctively knew how much to push/encourage her without scaring her away. She has progressed leaps and bounds and has even had lead roles and solos. We would have never thought that possible a few years ago.

Her involvement in the program has helped her tremendously in in school, too. Her confidence has soared! Book reports and presentations have been no problem and her teachers are surprised at how well she can present. The biggest difference I have seen with IAA versus other theater programs is their primary focus is on the growth of each child. They, of course, put together top notch shows, but they switch around who gets major roles and find creative ways to make the ensemble roles interesting. I can’t recommend this program enough!

- Kristen Lee


We love the entire team at the Infinity Arts Academy!  Our daughter has attended a number of sessionsthis Summer and has had a fantastic experience.  The structure of the camp includes the many different facets of theatre including singing, dancing, acting, and set design.  The finishing touch on this instruction is the clever film that is prepared by the campers in addition to the actual stage performance.   It’s a great way for kids to learn all the steps in creating a film from beginning to end, as well as building self-awareness and confidence.  All children, no matter what their level of experience, are  included and encouraged to participate in the various opportunities offered during the session. The Infinity Arts Academy Team is very talented and dedicated to a fun, yet educational experience.

- Jennifer and David Froede


My daughter, Kayli has been involved in the performing arts with Ms. Dana and Ms. O for the past 3 years.  It has been such a positive experience for her.  Ms. Dana’s enthusiasm is infectious, which is matched by her ability to bring out the performer in any child. Ms. O has costumed the shows that Kayli has been involved in as well as coached singing.  The shows were truly creative! We feel fortunate to be able to work with such talented people.

- Cindy Ross


Ms. Dana and Ms. O have been second (and third!) moms to our children. In fact, we view the whole staff of the Infinity Arts Academy as an extension of our own family as they provide a caring, nurturing atmosphere in which to teach our kids about the art and business of theatre. We have watched our children’s confidence and enthusiasm soar as they took on new roles and developed new friendships throughout the summer. The Infinity Arts Academy offers a terrific learning experience for kids and an excellent value for parents.

- Flo Powdermaker


My 8-year old daughter had so much fun and learned a tremendous amount in the Infinity Arts Academy Summer Camp program.  She worked hard and loved it!  The children are exposed not only to what it takes to put on a live performance, but to all the jobs and tasks that go into making a film.

When my husband and I saw the end-of-week performance, we were blown away.  The live show and film were so professional and the children showcased not only their talents, but their happiness and passion. We were more than impressed with the experience with the Infinity Arts Academy – our daughter will be back!

- Leslie Ochoa


As predominantly stage actors, we were excited by the opportunity to act on film. That opportunity came through student directors and writers under the tutelage of Kevin Lucero Less at IAA. The enthusiasm of the students at IAA is infectious; it made our experience there a true joy. Our experience was inspiring to say the very least and opened a whole new world to us. We look forward to collaborating with this talented group again and are eternally thankful for the chance to work with the professional filmmakers of the next generation.

- Mark and Linda Cunningham


I have had nothing but rewarding experiences with Infinity Arts Academy. The program is well-designed and its effect on children is quite evident. All members of the staff are incredibly welcoming and, while they are unique in their respective media and therefore very different from one another, it is clear that they all share a common goal: to get the kids involved and teach them something new each day. I have seen this goal achieved every week of my summer here and I am truly grateful to be a part of this great adventure.

- Cora


I would like to express my appreciation to the Infinity Arts Academy Film Program for all that you do to help your students think, mature, create, and expand. My daughter has been participating in the Film Program at IAA since 2010.  

During this time, the program has allowed and required her to act in, write, produce, direct, and edit multiple film productions. This has served to convert her appreciation for film into knowledge of the history of cinema and important films, technical expertise about cameras, lighting, sound, etc., the tools to begin to form her own artistic aesthetic, and a passion for the creative process.   

I am impressed with how much responsibility the students have in the various phases of the creation of their films. This autonomy requires the group to coordinate, communicate, and work as a team which has helped my daughter learn organizational skills, improve her inter-personal skills, and build close friendships with her fellow film-makers.  

Ultimately, when I go to the film screenings and see the fruits of their labor, I am always floored by the quality of their films. At each of their screenings, the production company stands in front of the screen and discusses with the audience the process and their inspiration. Invariably, during these discussions I see an amazing transition...I no longer see a bunch of teen and pre-teen kids. Instead, I see artists.

- Jay Mitchell


Thank you! our daughter once again is loving the IAA Summer camps this year. congrats on bringing a great opportunity and program to our kids and for all that you all do to make it awesome for them.

- john wannemacher


My wife, Cathy, and I wanted to congratulate you and your staff on an excellent production and thank you for providing our daughter with an incredibly positive experience.  We didn't quite know what to expect, but from day one she was hooked.  She was so excited about the performance and even more excited about being able to perform for her classmates. We were very impressed with the preparation and professionalism of Infinity Arts, and we hope this will just be the beginning of her involvement with your program. Thanks!

- Tom and Cathy O'Brien